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Below you can see the products and properties of each of the materials produced by Sarouj Bon Pei Company, and if you need coating materials for a specific project, submit your request to the research and development team of this company according to your needs. Offer or produce for your project:

Repairs of cracks and sealing of concrete structures SAROTHANE®️100
Indoor gyms SAROTHANE®️200
Elastomer mastic for filling expansion joints and repairing concrete defects SAROTHANE®️300
Internal lining of water and liquid storage tanks and water transmission lines SAROTHANE®️400
Industrial flooring with normal and heavy use SAROTHANE®️500
Internal lining of tanks for crude oil, petroleum derivatives and saturated salt water SBP Cold Glaze®️600
Exterior cover of burial pipes and valves SBP Cold Glaze®️700
Covering piers and areas facing sea water, especially Splash Zone SAROTHANE®️800
Resistant and insulating coating against high voltage surges SAROTHANE®️900
Antistatic coating SAROTHANE®️1000
Internal covering of urban and industrial sewage structures SBP Cold Glaze®️1100
Traffic cover of metal and concrete bridges for cars and sidewalks SAROTHANE®️1200
 Repair damaged metal parts by cold welding SAROTHANE®️1300
     Fireproof cover SAROTHANE®️1400
Internal lining of gasoline storage tanks SAROTHANE®️1500
Light and heavy polymer concrete for repairing damaged sections of concrete structures SAROTHANE®️1600
Protective cover for concrete tables SAROTHANE®️1700
Hot outer cover run For buried pipes Fast Cure
Making electrolysis cells SAROTHANE®️ 3100