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Among the patented technologies and inventions that are always in the company’s R&D development program, a complementary design resulting from more than thirty years of successful experience and research and conclusions from the oldest industry of one thousand four hundred years of production of durable building materials with Elimination of defects and completion of its functional properties, as well as the technology of retrofitting underwater marine structures from the water surface with the property of polymer curing in the presence of water, has been patented in two inventions by the company’s director of research and technology in the US and Iran. .

Cover pipelines and tanks


Completed dam sealing projects


عملیات آب بندی و پوشش حفاظت سطحی گالری و سر ریز سد علویان مراغه


پوشش آب بندی درزهای کانال سد درودزن فارس

Electrical substations

Reinforcement of water pipelines

Completed projects of the sewage industry

1 تعمیر و پوشش مخازن آب مربوط به آستان قدس رضوی 3پوشش ضد خوردگی در صنایع سرب و روی ایران
2 پوشش مخازن فاضلاب اسیدی فولاد مبارکه اصفهان از طریق نمایندگی4پوشش اولین سیستم فاضلاب تهران

Drinking water tanks

Completed projects on the floor of power plant halls

1 پوشش کف سالن های نیروگاه ملاصدرا 3 پوشش کف سالن های نیروگاه سد سفید رود
2 پوشش کف سالنهای شرکت مدیریت تولید برق فارس 4 پوشش کف سالن سد سفید رود