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Saruj Bon Pei Company, as a research-oriented company with R&D license from the General Directorate of Industries of Tehran Province, is ready to conduct research and research and development on issues related to surface protection and anti-corrosion coatings in various industries of the country. Announces 33 years of experience, implementation of 170 successful projects and registration of 26 patents at home and abroad.
List of researches carried out by Benoit mortar company that led to the patent and implementation of the project.
1- Design of making flame resistant polymers up to about 1000 degrees Celsius.
2 – Rehabilitation plan for water, oil, gas pipelines even in critical conditions to stabilize the structure for service without the need to stop production and transmission.
3 – Covering the drinking water tanks and preventing the tanks from leaking.
4 – Security plan for the body of buildings with a thickness of one millimeter to save energy
(Saving Energy)
5 – Plan to cover the damaged foreheads of the docks from underwater to above water.
6- Production plan of fire retardant material for spraying on surfaces to fight fire.
7- Covering the piers of oil piers and platforms based on the water level implementation system (patent)
8- Making anti-corrosion polymers to cover hot surfaces inside the service up to 300 degrees Celsius.
9- Performing parametric evaluation experiments of PU coatings in comparison with other coatings to prevent biological corrosion of concrete sewage pipes in the sewage industry in 2003 by Amirkabir University under the supervision of Dr. Habibollah Bayat [PDF file of this research in Sarothane Research. com
Available ]
10 – Replacement project of Lavan refinery tank floor sheet with a kind of polymer (Rebottoming) PU in 2004 [Patent]
11- Reinforcement project of concrete surfaces of New Jersey parts and concrete tables against freezing and severe melting of ice in the cold part of Damavand cold water in 2010.
12- Carrying out the project of repairing airport aprons and concrete ramps at Tehran airport, which led to the reconstruction of destroyed concrete slabs, from 2002 to 2016 [Patented]
13- Carrying out a research project on water supply and rescue of Lake Urmia and protection of the structures of the bridge bridges of Lake Urmia.
14 – North water transfer project to the Iranian plateau and Lake Urmia.
15- Carrying out research on repairing concrete surfaces including columns, floor, wall and roof in Ahvaz Ramin power plant without shutting down the system (SHOT DOWN) as well as sealing the surfaces and repairing the destroyed columns and roof and being destroyed by repairing instantaneous.
16- Maragheh dam sealing research in 2006 (patent)
17 – Research project for the reconstruction of rubble houses in Syria created from the existing materials caused by rubble and the production of construction materials in every street and area without moving the rubble to long distances.
18 – Research project on the quality of surface coatings in preventing energy loss.