|Sarothane® 700

Sarothane® 700 is a high build solvent free cold applied plural component polymer protective coating based on Sarothane® 700.  It is especially formulated to meet and exceed requirements of BSEN 10290:2002 (i.e., external liquid polymer and polymer modified coatings applied onto steel tubes and fittings for onshore and offshore pipelines).

•Easily applicable with a brush, a roller, and or an airless spray
•Excellent adhesion to metal without any primer
•Anti erosion and anti corrosion, and NOT flammable
•Excellent electrical insulation properties
•Easy to repair

Sarothane® 700 is an external coating specially formulated for buried pipes, valves, and field joint coatings compatible with most other common coatings in the market.  Rejuvenating and repairing pipelines by applying this special coating, makes application easy in the field or in the factory.

Data Sheet Of Sarothane® 700

sarothane® 700- Data sheet