1.Holder of a patent for repairing-Maintaining & protection of Airport Apron Structures
2.Holder of a patent in manufacturing special type of
insulation used in water-cooled air conditioners by reducing
the amount of
water & electricity consumption while
increasing the cooling effect.
3.Holder of a patent on protective coating and anti-shatter
glass structures in earthquakes.
4.Holder of a patent in moisture irrigation system of reduces
the water consumption compared to
trickle irrigation
5.Holder of a patent for reinforce polymer of rebottoming oil
storage tanks. Against corrosion-Erosions, causes
minimizing up keep expense and rapped return to servicing
6.Holder of a patent in bulk cargo sampling from surface to
tank top in the “vessel holds “ especially for grain
7.Holding of a patent in recovery of Kernel Shells for usages in
Electrical industries.
8.Holder of a patent in desalinating seawater with power of
the wind and solar energy plus filtration.
9.Holder of a patent in scientific knowledge of rapid curing of
Bitumen emulsion used in fired bricks as building material.
10.Holder of a patent in manufacturing super light building
material in high rises while reducing energy consumption as
11.Holder of a patent for energy saving in building using polymer
coating lining and paneling.
12.Holder of a patent in sealing the existing cavities in the bed of
lakes and dams.
13.Holder of a patent in scientific knowledge of manufacturing
underwater coating for protection of piles either coating or
structural stabilizing which is applied from above the water.
14.Holder of a patent on repair and rejuvenating damaged
concrete structure of dams
15.Holder of a patent on concrete polymer material for the restoration and repair of damaged concrete surfaces. Also a special concrete Resistant to Nuclear resist.
16.Holder of a patent on a polymer substance to resist electrical
conductivity for up to 10,000 volts per millimeter from low to
high voltages for safety Electrical boxes and tails.
17.Holder of a patent in converting regular common wood
properties in to “teak” wood properties for marine industry
applications and cooling towers.
18.Holder of a patent in producing electrical energy from coastal
19.Holder of a patent in modeling system to insulate tails anchors
and electrical connections to eliminate electrical shortages.
20.Holder of the patent on special type of polymer material to work
as an adhesive for reconstruction and permanent binding of new
to old concrete structures.
21.Holding of a patent in production of hi density , mid density and
metal reinforced wood material for Building industries by the
waist of palm oil industries (PKS &EFB)
22.Holder of patent of insulating the reinforced iron bars in concrete
“Saving the earth for saving the life”
Minimizing water usages by monitories irrigation and the (E) shape
planting innovation by three technology in a single patent;
Title of invention: The production technology of mass out of
particles in stabilizing particulates and shifting sands according to
the law of gravity and their reproduction potential including the
technologies (mass components–executive machinery and (E) Nest design)